Coaching that meets your needs
and fits your lifestyle

Whether you’re looking to start running, race your first 5K, set a new personal record, or take your training to the next level…I will help you meet all your goals! 

I will help you to achieve your goals through custom training plans (designed for athletes of all levels and abilities) that are structured to meet your expectations and lifestyle (no matter how hectic). No cookie cutter plans. Guaranteed individualized attention. Personalized feedback. Proven results!

STARTING MONDAY, January 27th — strength & form class for runners

About Marshall

Who is Coach Marshall? He is an award-winning runner and triathlete, husband, and father. So, he understands that it isn’t easy to fit training into one’s busy schedule. That’s why he wants to work with you to tailor your workouts to your schedule so you can achieve your goals.


What do you have to lose? Kick the tires. Get your own personalized plans two-week training plan. I'm so convinced that you'll enjoy the personalized coaching experience and see the benefits of working with me that you will sign up and become a long-term client.

My Coaching Philosphy

I believe in coaching the “whole” athlete, from those just starting out to those who want to qualify for Boston. I look at your busy schedule, nutrition, form, and more. Then I develop individual, customized plans that fit you and take the guesswork out of training.