What My Clients Have to Say…

Heather Renoylds Doyle
Carrie Leslie, Boston Qualifier
Jill Mittl

Peak Coaching helps you to fulfill your exercise potential regardless of your fitness level. Marshall will work with you to help you attain your goals.

Two years ago, I decided I wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Thanks to Marshall and his guidance I’m going to be running Boston in a few months. I couldn’t have qualified without his help.

Heather Doyle
2018 Boston Marathon Qualifier
Coaching is my new favorite thing! I had a great 2018 race season thanks to Peak Coaching — 70.3 PR, qualified for the Boston Marathon and raced more than I have….ever!

The best part was I felt great and was injury free all season. I loved not having to plan my training or think about what my workout was going to be on any given day. It was all planned out for me every week and I received plenty of feedback! Thanks Marshall!

Carrie Leslie
2019 Boston Qualifier
USA Triathlon Regional Qualifier
What can I say about Peak Coaching and Marshall Pickard? At age 61, I decided that I wanted to start running again like I did when I was younger – much younger! After all, I was healthy, fortunate enough to have retired early, and had the freedom to run any time of day or week. I was doing “ok” but was not at all happy with how slowly I was progressing. Last year, I had hamstring/hip issues from overuse and a (not serious) fall while running. And, I was not recovering as quickly as I thought I should have been. I entered two 5Ks in Bethlehem, did ok, but felt horrible after completing them, as well as in pretty much constant and annoying pain whenever I would run on a regular basis. After taking a couple of months off for rest and recovery – and that strategy not working – I took the plunge at the beginning of this year and decided that I’d try a personal coach to get me back on track and hopefully running pain-free and more efficiently.

Enter Marshall Pickard and Peak Coaching! Marshall took the time to assess what my strengths were, what I needed to work on, and where I wanted to go in my training. In 12-weeks time, I am totally blown away with how good I feel and how well I’m running. With a solid running plan and kick-ass strength training plans, I saw an improvement in my running and my overall fitness in actually less than 12 weeks.

There is no cookie-cutter training program with Peak Coaching – everything that Marshall has developed for me is specific to my strengths, abilities and personal goals. I am so excited to continue training with Marshall – he’s supportive, encouraging, and HIS TRAINING PLANS WORK! Thank you, Marshall and Peak Coaching!.

Jill Mittl
running again!