Personalized Plans
for High School Runners

This Plan is targeted specifically for high school distance and middle distance runner. Each plan is designed for specific training periods (pre-season, off-season, or competitive phase) and distances (800 meters to 5 kilometers). Included is personalized coaching by Coach Marshall and customized workouts that will lead to greater success. You can purchase a monthly ($45 per month), 8-weeks ($85) or a 12-week ($120) subscription plan. Individual form and training sessions are available by the hour. Just email for more information.

  • High School Plan Details
  • FREE initial consultation: We set up a time to speak to one another for about an hour (either on the phone or in person, if you are local). We discuss your current and past training and determine your goals and expectations.
  • PERSONALIZED Training Plan: Each plan is customized to maximize your training potential. The training plan is delivered in two week increments so it can be adapted based on how you’re progressing. Includes daily workouts and weekly feedback.
  • ONLINE Access: Your receive your our own Final Surge account that gives you online access to your weekly customized training schedule with detailed workout description and instructions.
  • WEEKLY Communication: Weekly communication with Coach Marshall via text, email or phone to track your progress.
  • RACE & Training Strategy: From races to training paces…proven strategies that will have you training and competing smarter at any distance.
  • STRENGTH & Form Training: Personalized plyometric strength training programs meant to make you faster & stronger while preventing injury. Plus drills and evaluation for improving form.

Terms and Conditions


Payment must be received before services start. Each session is 12 weeks and starts the first Monday after payment has cleared. That payment is due before services are activated. After the first session, if you wish to continue services, you will automatically be renewed for a 12 week session, unless you cancel prior to payment due date. I accept preferred payments via Paypal (please contact me if you wish to make other arrangements).


A waiver will be emailed to you (or completed online) that you must sign and sent back to me prior to receiving your first training schedule.


To cancel coaching, you must give at least two weeks notice.